Consignment Agreement

When you bring items in, we select those that are most in demand by our customers. Items must be freshly laundered, ready to sell, in season and in style, or vintage items that can be incorporated into contemporary dress. Pricing is based on supply and demand and is at our sole discretion. Your items will be subject to regular markdowns and any coupons clearance or overstock sales. We work hard to get the best price for you because when you succeed, we succeed!
  • You receive 40% of the selling price of each item after taxes & fees. Your balance may be picked up in cash or used as in-store credit. Balances over $75 may require payment by check. If you wish your balance to be
    mailed to you via check, there is a $2 check mailing fee. 
  • If you request any of your items to be pulled early, your account will be charged a $5 fee per item. In the event this causes your account to have a negative balance, it must be brought back up to zero before items can be released to you.
  • Any items that are not immediately ready for the sales floor and require cleaning of any kind will result in a $5 cleaning fee per drop off on your account. In the event this causes your account to have a negative balance, it must be brought back up to zero before you can consign with us again. 
  • Your items must be freshly laundered and laid flat or folded nicely to be considered for consignment. If we are going through your items and see excessive imperfections, we will discontinue going through your items and a $35 fee will be added to your account.
  • If you wish to have unsold items returned to you, you must call before your consignment period ends. We charge a one-time $15 fee to pull unsold Items. Please call 2-3 days in advance of the expiration date of your items so we can prepare them for you. You have one week to pick up your items from the date we pull them. Items not retrieved within the week and unsold items left in our possession at the end of the consignment period become the sole property of Grateful Threads to dispose of as we see fit. Due to the
    high volume of consignment, we process, we can’t call to remind you of end dates. 
  • Inactivity on your consignment account for 12 consecutive months will result in any outstanding balance turning into store-credit. Any inactivity for 2 years will result in any balance being forfeited.