Consignment Details

Consignment Hours: Tuesday-Friday 
#1 Prep Your Items! 
This is the most important part. Presentation is EVERYTHING! The better your items look, the more we'll accept, meaning the more $$$ you'll make! 
**Please note we will NOT look at your items if your prep work is not completed before drop off**
  • Clothes: Freshly washed, laid flat OR folded nicely, zippers/buttons/snaps done up, sets laid together, 20 pieces counted out (sets count as 1 piece), and placed in a hard sided container (cardboard box, laundry basket, plastic tote) we will NOT look thru any items in a plastic bag. 

         Sizes accepted: Preemie-children's size 18

         All sizes men's, women's & maternity.

         We accept all-seasons at all times!

  • Shoes: Cleaned, laces tied, set in pairs. All sizes accepted, children's & adult
  • Baby Equipment/Toys/Books/Furniture: All fabric & straps freshly washed, hard surfaces wiped clean, batteries working, all parts and pieces collected. 
  • While you're preparing to drop off, keep in mind: We accept LIMITED amounts of clothing: 20 pieces of clothing per day. Lay sets together (same exact size) and we count that as one piece (two piece set of pajamas = one piece). Make sure you check your items for stains, holes that aren't supposed to be there, & excessive wear, only bring in your 20 BEST pieces!