Consignment Details

You can make money on your gently used clothing & accessories!
Here’s how it works…
Walk-in Consignment Hours are: Tuesday-Friday from 11am until 4pm
We are seasonal, and are currently accepting Fall items!
  • We do not pay cash or in-store credit for any items the day they come in.
  • All of your items go on the sales floor for a 60 day consignment period.
  • You earn 40% of the sale price as soon as your items sell.
  • You can collect cash from your account, or use it to shop in the store as soon as you have a balance.
  • You have an online account you can access anytime to see your balance, what items have sold, what is still on consignment, and when your expiration date is for those items.
  • We ask that all items come in freshly laundered, laid flat or folded nicely in anything except for a plastic bag. (Laundry basket, tote, box, or reusable shopping bags are all acceptable containers.)
  • We have a two tote limit each day you bring in items.
  • Any toys that require batteries must come in with fresh batteries, and all equipment must be completely wiped down with straps and fabric pieces removed and cleaned.
  • If you want your unsold items back at the end of your 60 days, you must give us a call a few days before the expiration date. We will pull them from the floor and you have one week to pick them up, your account will automatically be charged our $15 pull fee.
Please DO go through your items before bringing them in and make sure they are in season, freshly washed, wrinkle free, stain free, hole free, odor free, hair free and READY TO SELL. We will stop looking through your items if we see a large amount of imperfections.
We donate all unsold items to the St Vincent DePaul Outreach Center in Clarkston. We are always more than happy to donate anything you don’t want to take home with you.
  • Equipment a baby can sleep in, including play pens, cribs, or any bedding sets.
  • Used undergarments or socks
  • Breast pumps regardless of condition
  • Used feeding items
  • Scrubs
  • Adult Swimwear
  • Carseats, it is illegal for any store to sell used car seats.
Thank you and happy consigning!